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Ledy VanKavage on Effective Advocacy

PRESENTATION: Ledy VanKavage on Effective Advocacy & Messaging

Ledy VanKavage, Esq., Best Frien...

Lori Weise Receives 2013 Wallace Award

Lori Weise Receives 2013 Wallace Award

The 2013 Wallace Award

Pit Bulletin Legal News is pleased to name Lori Weise as the winner of the 2...

Animal Care & Control Ordinances—Legal Food for Thought

PRESENTATION: Animal Care & Control Ordinances—Legal Food for Thought

Angela Johnson, JD C...

targets of BDL
pit bulls are popular!
scholarly analysis is against BDL
breed bans fail to improve public safety
breed bans fail to improve public safety

Stop BSL

153box-sbsl Tracking breed-specific legislation and providing owners & advocates guidance for contacting relevant officials.

KC Dog Blog

toellner-boxUnofficial Watchdog on Animal Welfare Issues—focusing on breed-specific and no-kill issues around the country.

Beyond Breed with Kim Wolf

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Awesome Dogs with Yvette Van Veen

Dog News and Views for Pets and their People

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John with Chloe

Reflections on the Society of Dogs and Men with John Ensminger, Esq.

Shepherd Working in Unfamiliar Location (courtesy T. Jezierski)Scientific research is frequently constrained by a laboratory’s funding level and available personnel, as well as such factors as the time limit within...
My wife and I recently flew from Paris to Atlanta.   While we were waiting to pick up our luggage to go through customs, a handler with a beagle began to...
In the Mahabharata, a weary traveler enters a strange village:"One day he came upon a hamlet, in the midst of a forest, inhabited by cruel hunters addicted to the slaughter...

Little Darling's Pinups for Pitbulls

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Dog Law Reporter

Dog Law Reporter
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Dangerous Dog Law
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