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Jim Gorant's Wallace: The Underdog Who Conquered a Sport, Saved a Marriage, and Championed Pit Bulls—One Flying Disc at a Time

by Denise Yeakey

Listen to our interview with
Jim Gorant

Wallace is a heartfelt story of one dog's journey from an unsure future to an inspirational competitive frisbee dog. Author Jim Gorant captured the story in such a way that reader is taken along for the entire ride. From the first pages, where Wallace and his siblings were found in suspicious surroundings to the last pages, where the reader is left with the image of Wallace doing what he loved most, every moment is vividly described. From the minute I picked up the book, I could not put it down. I was enthralled by this couple, Roo and Clara, who just would not give up on Wallace. They knew there was something special about him, and while others wrote him off as a problem dog, they did everything they could to allow Wallace’s personality to shine through and thrive.

WallaceWe are not only told about Wallace’s life. During the story, the reader is also drawn into the lives of all those that Wallace came across, namely Roo and Clara. The reader meets the couple in college and follows their relationship through tumultuous times and changes. Discussing relationship issues may appear to be out of place in the story, but if you think about it, not only did it lead them to Wallace, but their love for Wallace, and the rest of their pack, kept them bonded. It’s real life.

What I enjoyed seeing the most in the book were the references to many of the struggles faced by pit bulls and their owners. For instance, Wallace would have benefited from being neutered, however, the shelter, limited in the amount of neuterings it could provide, prioritized the dogs who were more likely to be adopted. Thus, Wallace, who the author explains would have benefited the most from the procedure, was the one denied. There was an issue concerning home insurance, with the cost either being higher or being denied completely because one owns a pit bull. In my opinion, this makes the book ideal for those who may not be as informed about pit bulls and the hurdles faced by them and their owners.

All in all, this was a great book that I highly recommend. You will fall in love with Wallace, who with the relentless love and faith of Roo and Clara, overcame the prejudices against him and went on to make a name for himself. Not bad for a dog nobody wanted . . .

Have you read Wallace? Share your thoughts below.

Christa Velbel 27.06.2014 09:28  
Wallace Yes No   I love Wallace\'s story. His people are truly special, remarkable, exemplary. Since I relate so much to the fine dog\'s vulnerability and the good intentions of Roo and Clara, I feel a great deal whenever I read or talk about Wallace. So I\'ll confess, I\'ve struggled a little with the unemotional tone of Gorant\'s writing, but it\'s a valid journalistic choice. The power is in the content, not in the style. I recommend it highly and treasure my pawtographed copy that I bought to support the Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation.  
laura 25.06.2014 08:16  
Wallace Yes No   I really enjoyed this book. Aside from the book\'s own merits, I found that the story of struggling with a difficult, high drive dog helped inspire me to not give up with my own pup.  
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