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Lori WeiseLori Weise Receives 2013 Wallace Award

October 8, 2013

Pit Bulletin Legal News (PBLN) has named Lori Weise the winner of the 2013 Wallace Award.

PBLN presents this annual award to the individual that brings the most positive attention to pit-bull-type dogs and generates an atmosphere of change throughout the year.

Lori Weise is a tireless advocate for dogs. For over a decade, she has been going into some of Los Angeles's most intimidating neighborhoods in order to forge relationships with dog owners. In 2013, she started an incredibly successful program to keep dogs out of shelters and raised more than $350,000 for a new shelter.

Today DDR rescues and adopts out dogs and assists dog owners in underserved communities. DDR offers free services such as spay/neuter (DDR has provided more than 10,000 spay/neuter operations), training, and basic medical care for dog owners who want to keep their dogs out of a shelter. Moreover, through the Operation Safety Net program, Weise and DDR provide emergency support and temporary housing for dogs whose owners become ill, incarcerated, or otherwise temporarily unable to care for them. This Spring, DDR launched the South LA Shelter Intervention Program, through which DDR volunteers try to find solutions for dog owners who are contemplating surrendering their pets. In its first four months of operation, the program kept more than 1,000 dogs with their owners!

Weise founded Downtown Dog Rescue (DDR) in 1996 after witnessing the plight of stray dogs and homeless people while working at a furniture factory on the edge of Los Angeles's Skid Row. She later refocused her efforts on the most underserved communities in L.A.—South East Los Angeles, Watts, and Compton.

Weise and DDR raised more than $350,000 in 2013 to build a new dog shelter. With the new facility, DDR will be able to provide a richer environment for dogs awaiting adoption, conduct more spay/neuter surgeries, offer more community dog training, and temporarily house more shelter intervention dogs.

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