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Rebecca Corey receives Wallace AwardRebecca Corry Receives 2014 Wallace Award

October 1, 2014

Pit Bulletin Legal News (PBLN) has named Rebecca Corry the winner of the 2014 Wallace Award. PBLN presents this annual award to the individual that brings the most positive attention to pit-bull-type dogs and generates an atmosphere of change throughout the year.

PBLN chose Rebecca Corry because she had the audicity to look beyond the divisions in the pit bull advocacy community and endeavored to bring people together. She single handedly put together an event—The One Million Pibble March—that showed how much people support pit bulls and inspired people to travel from all over the country to meet and share their passion. She did this with neither a guarantee of success, nor funding, nor overwhelming support from the advocacy world. Further, after the event was over, she continued to advocate for pit bulls through her Stand Up for Pits Foundation.

Standing up for dogs

Angel in front of the White HouseRebecca is a 20-year veteran of the entertainment industry as a writer/actress and comedian. She has performed stand up comedy for NBC and Comedy Central and in clubs and theaters around the country. She has guest starred on several TV shows and appeared in movies

Rebecca is also founder and president of the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, Inc., and creator/producer of her live event, Stand Up For Pits. Stand Up For Pits has raised thousands for non-profit rescues around the country and provided education through laughter and positivity. She cites her dog Angel as the true founder of the Foundation. Rebecca created the Foundation because she is dedicated to ending discrimination and violence against Pit Bull Terriers and hopes to see it end in her lifetime.

Angel was also the inspiration for the One Million Pibble March on Washington, DC, in an effort to end BDL (breed-discriminatory legislation) and dog fighting and by doing so, create safe and humane communities for humans and animals. Rebecca organized the March single-handedly, and in doing so, faced not only the attacks of pro-BDL advocates but criticism and pessimism from within the pit bull and anti-BDL advocacy community.

The One Million Pibble March was held on May 3, 2014. Rebecca described the year spend organizing the March as excruciating, but the end result as magical. Thousands of dog lovers came together to show their support for pit bulls and breed-neutral dog laws. Speakers included Roo Yori, Leah Brewer, and Jamie Buehrle, among many others.

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List of 2014 Wallace Award Nominees

Fred Kray and Rebecca Corey with Wallace Award statutePBLN faced a tough decision in choosing the 2014 Wallace Award Recipient! The full list of 2014 nominees was:

  • Rebecca Corry, Stand Up for Pits Foundation
  • Leddy VanKavage, Best Friends
  • Deirdre Franklin, Pinups for Pit Bulls
  • Cynthia Bathurst, Safe Humane Chicago
  • Kim Wolf, Beyond Breed and Ruff Riders
  • Arin Greenwood, Huffington Post
  • Jeff Pitbear, Up the Pups
  • Nancy Sklencar, Pinups for Pitbulls.
  • Johanna Falber, Stubby's Heroes
  • Valerie Bruder, photographer
  • Leah Brewer and Elle (dog)
  • Major (dog), psychiatric service dog
  • Fifty (dog), "The Two-Legged Pit Bull"
  • Lola (dog), breed ambassador for Pitter Patter, therapy dog
  • Crazy Pit Bull Lady-Pit Bull Rescue