Pblnn.com is a personal blog site owned and maintained by Shelby D., a corporate vice president for operations in one of the hotshot firms in NYC. Leading has always been one of Shelby’s strengths, but as she assesses all aspects of her life, it has never been more clear that her strength is also her greatest weakness.

Shelby is what they call a strong and independent woman. She has an incredibly strong personality that even men in the corporate ladder would back down once she starts talking. She gets what she wants. In terms of relationships, the set up has always been an FLR or a female-lead-relationship. All of these have their own pros and cons. Unfortunately, the biggest disadvantage is that for the longest time, no one has ever satisfied her in bed until she decided to try BDSM.

Shelby is now a regular in one of the dungeons in her city and plays the submissive role. Being submissive gave her plenty of benefits because she gets to let go of her power and her natural strong attitude. It’s an act of escapism and it is what keeps her going when she is back to her corporate life. The man she is in a relationship with is very supportive that is why it worked incredibly well for them.

Pblnn.com shares some of the lessons that Shelby has learned as a corporate woman, being in an FLR, and the benefits of BDSM. It’s an all-in-one website that most women would benefit from but could also be of great help to men! We also review sex toys, BDSM accessories, and provide product recommendations to improve your BDSM experience. We post updates regularly so, do not forget to check back soon!