Why would a man wear a chastity device?

The average man would immediately reject the notion of wearing such a device, as it represents both a loss of something dearly important, as well as unnecessary and uncomfortable. But after the initial reaction, some men become curious. Men who think they may have a sexual-related problem and/or a submissive nature sometimes will look at these as something of a solution or something exciting that could add to their relationship. Once a man realizes that wearing the device is totally voluntary, curiosity could lead to giving it a try.

Based on feedback from our visitors, the reasons include:
• Needed to help restore trust in a relationship with your wife or life partner after a loss of self-control.
• Self-protection to resist undesired impulses for sexual encounters.
• Control of compulsive masturbation problems.
• To spice up your marriage by surrendering control of your orgasms to your partner.
• The feelings and sensations that a man may derive from wearing such a device include:
• Maintained focus (fewer sexual distractions)
• Self-confidence (no need to be concerned about resisting temptation)
• A sense of constant, low-level arousal when you think about your wife or partner holding the key
• Fewer arousing dreams during sleep (once you get used to it)
• Loss or reduction of arrogance when you’ve given the key to someone you love


Why would a woman want her man to wear a chastity device?

Not all women take to the idea of having her man locked up in a chastity device, at least not initially. But based on feedback from our customers, the reasons include:

• To help restore trust in a relationship when there is suspicion or evidence of extra-marital affairs.
• Similarly, women who have been hurt by a former partner’s infidelity may want her man to wear one for her own sense of security.
• Some women find it very erotic to be able to control their man’s orgasm.
• A man will try harder to please his woman if there is a chance she will deny him access to the key; consequently he’s more attentive and helpful around the home.

As long as he is wearing it, you will never again have to worry about him leaving the toilet seat up. Generally, when the wife is holding the key and knows that he is locked, she will experience:

• a greater sense of security and trust with your man
• a sense of control that some women find very erotic
• more attention and affection, and fore-play during sex
• some women find that they want to dress and behave more sexily to further stimulate their man (teasing and denial), which in-turn stimulates her own sex drive.


Are the devices visible under clothing?

Generally, the devices are very discrete. Loose-fitting pants are recommended, and darker colored pants tend to be even better. Of all of the devices, the CB-6000-S and CB-3000 are the most discrete for most men. Silicon models such as Birdlocked and Dick Cage can be very discrete on men that have adequate slack in the scrotum, otherwise can be very conspicuous. However, the soft and flexible material can be “compressed” with the use of tight-fitting underwear, which helps make it more discrete.

About being discovered: you will learn over time that you are far more conscious of the bulge that you can see that other people are. As long as your clothes are loose fitting, nobody will ever know. Swimming poses a different problem though, as wet trunks tend to cling to the lines of your body, therefore could be more noticeable. People that notice would likely dismiss it has to have a large member. You could diminish that by wearing tight fitted underwear under your clothes to keep it closer to your body; spandex panties work well if you’re willing to wear them.


How long does it take to get used to wearing one?

It will vary from man to man, of course. Initially, it will feel awkward, but after a while, once the right fit is found – typically a few hours to a few days – it will come to feel more natural, and you will become less and less aware of it as time goes on. You may even find it to be pleasant to wear most of the time, as it would be a constant reminder of your partner, or at least of your own sexuality.
Many men experience painful nocturnal erections during the early days of wear. This does tend to pass with time (1-2 weeks, typically) as the mind retrains itself to not have erections during sleep.


What should I do if I experience an erection in my sleep?

This is pretty common during the first few weeks of wear. Unconsciously it can be somewhat stimulating, which could provoke an erection that would be uncomfortable, even somewhat painful while locked up. If you wake up in that condition, it’s best to remove the device for the remainder of the night and try it again the next night. Eventually, your mind will be trained not to become aroused during sleep, and you will be able to sleep normally.


Can I stand up to urinate while the device is attached?

Technically it is possible, though not advisable. You must have your urator slot lines up EXACTLY right, and your penis must fill the tube to the end. If not, you are likely to spray all over the place. It’s best to sit while peeing, for all concerned. Your wife (if you are married) will love you even more for doing so. 🙂