Shibari Rope

With its origins tracing back to ancient Japan, this practice sure has come a long way.

Originally used to restrain captives by Samurais and law enforcement, this beautiful art form has now transcended to the wonderful world of kink.

And unlike traditional restraints, Shibari isn’t only about restraining folks.

It’s a science as much as it is a form of artistic expression, with complex and beautiful designs being the norm.

The positioning of the ropes along with the careful placement of knots can stimulate pressure points along the body to great effect. And it’s not uncommon for people to land in “Sub Space”, a euphoric and trance-like experience caused by a cocktail of endorphins & other hormones being released in the body.

This also means that Shibari has quite a learning curve for the aspiring rigger.

So it is very important that you get familiar with the practice since plenty of harm can be done by cutting circulation to vital parts of the body.

If you really wish to pursue this wonderful hobby, finding a good workshop from a respected rigger in your community is your best bet.

And while they specialize in ethically sourced hemp rope, their extensive collection does include other common options as well as other exotic ropes.

The colors they offer are gorgeous, with a few unique multicolored options available as well.
And many of you will be glad to know that their dying and conditioning process is a 100% eco-friendly.

Otherwise, their curiosity kits are a great start if you wish to learn the ropes ( wink wink ) since they all include an instructional DVD along with enough rope to get you started.

If you’re a fan of electrostimulation, they also make beautiful electroconductive ropes that will work with most Violet wands and Estim boxes! Just don’t use these for suspension since they aren’t made to support the weight of a human being.


Shibari goes far beyond BDSM and Bondage. It is a beautiful art form and science that requires plenty of patience and education. But it is well worth it for those courageous enough to make the jump!