Chastity Training: 10 Kinky Reasons for It

Chastity training is one of my favorite kinky topics. On today’s episode, I talk about why I love putting my submissives into chastity. You might be surprised at some of my reasons! I also have an exciting announcement: I’ve just started a Patreon! Join me there for access to my kinky erotic audio stories and special rewards for my patrons. For in-person and long distance guidance, visit Zahvia.com for more details.

Male Chastity

On this episode of ‘XR University’ show host Ian Rath along with co-host Aiden Starr and special guest Jay Wimp talk in detail about Male Chastity. This topic is probably the most popular as far as questions we get emails about. So we gathered up all your questions and sat down with Jay Wimp. The post Male Chastity appeared first on XR University.

Getting Started with Chastity Play

Professional dominatrix and educator Eve Minax discusses chastity play during this podcast. She explains the various motivations for chastity training/play – from initial light teasing to complete self-offering – and also references a few different types of such play. She recommends ways – either as the submissive, dominant, or other – to begin the conversation with your partner(s) and also shares some thoughts on more advanced play.

Throughout the podcast Eve Minax recommends concrete masturbatory games when getting started with chastity play and offers important insights on training both those who have and those who do not have difficulty climaxing. She finishes the podcast with an overview of different types of play. She clearly outlines the range from simple “release training” on a schedule to complex and precision-crafted devices suitable for long-term chastity.

Ep 9 – Let’s Talk About Chastity

In this long awaited episode the sub males get together to gab about chastity. Car metaphors are used to great effect, and we refer to sunsets and blueballs in the same breath. All up, pretty classy stuff! Quick warning on this one: A mobile recorder was used and we had some technical difficulties. You might notice some jumps. Sorry!

In this podcast, betaboy and subtlyhers bang heads together (not literally) about what it all means and how we live it. We also posit some theories on why we enjoy chastity (and hate it at the same time).
Chastity is a biggy in the world of femdom and female led relationships. Many relationships include some level of orgasm denial and control to some degree. For all that, there are thousands of contradictory explanations for why it is so compelling and powerful. In their explorations, betaboy and subtlyhers delve into the impact of chastity on their daily lives, their emotional state and most importantly their relationships. They also look at some of the

Episode 34 – Year In Chastity

Back when Dreadfire was still our roommate, a few months ago, his boyfriend from Chicago came to visit. Smarmaduke, or Aaron, might be best known for his blog (archived here) where he to chronicled being in chastity for an entire year! And after all that, he still wanted more… if you are a big fan of chastity, this one is the one for you.

We had a great time learning about Aaron, where he came from and started in kink, including his very first scene involving fisting! And his adventures with getting on planes now that he is all locked up.

Sit back and enjoy getting to know our friend Aaron!