Things you need to know about male chastity as told by the experts

In recent years, there has been no shortage of click-bait news and articles about kinksters who enjoy cock cages and locking up. It seems that this form of sexual fetishism is coming into the mainstream more and more. But most of the things you can read about it online are either untrue or full of prejudices. Therefore, we aim to shed some light on male chastity by consulting experts to see what they have to say about it. Read on to find out.

It prevents men from masturbating

Although most of us can agree that masturbating is pretty normal, it’s not all peachy. Spanking your salami can take you on a downward spiral in no time. Here’s what experts say about abstaining from it.

In their eyes, a cock cage can be pretty beneficial for couples who’re having trouble with being intimate. But how so? Well, they say that by preventing the man from doing manual work whenever he feels the urge, his full attention remains on his partner.

Spilling your load while watching porn is only a waste of good sexual energy. You can focus it on making your actual partner happy and satisfied. And by giving them what they need, you also get to enjoy the fruits of a healthy sexual relationship.

Happy sex life

Even if the word cage means being at bay, in this instance, it’s more of a means to an end. It’s a necessary evil if you’d like. Sex experts suggest that it can lead to a happy sex life by making the man take good care of his partner before they decide to unlock their penis.

A chastity belt will make guys do all they can to earn the goodwill of their wives. They’ll do their chores, focus on work, family, and every other aspect of adult life just to have a chance of having their homeboy go out on parole. It’s all about good behavior, similar to actual life behind bars.

Strengthen relationships

A happy couple doesn’t rely on a man wanking their schlong every chance he gets. They have a healthy and enjoyable sex life. And when you put together the previous two examples of how beneficial a male chastity device can be, you get a strengthened relationship.

So, if you have a quality sex life, the two of you can focus on other things that make your lives together have meaning. Experts say that by not being a slave to your penis, you can experience the other, somewhat more mature side of being with another person. Even if you’re using a containment sex toy, you get to live more openly.

It might seem a bit contradictory, but that’s how life is sometimes. At least, that’s what experts would have you believe. The history of chastity belts was all about fair maidens locking their crotches. But as things would have it, men are the ones in stainless-steel cages these days to strengthen their bonds with their ladies. Make it a fun activity that you both can enjoy. One way is to choose a chastity belt from lovegasm website that you both like.

You will not have to worry about your man cheating on you

Adultery is a problem we have been facing since the dawn of time. Many say that, in some ways, it’s simply in people’s souls and that we can’t do that much about it. Well, experts beg to differ. They suggest that similarly to medieval chastity belts, we can use modern cock cages to stop men from cheating.

The fair maidens of the past didn’t have a choice. Their men would apply cold, rusty contraptions to their vaginas in the hope of saving their bodies just for themselves. But it’s a pretty different world we live in today. Such misogynistic ideas and actions aren’t popular, at least in Western societies. Well, at least in some first-world countries that enjoy talking about morals and rights.

But even if we’ve gone a long way from those cruel actions, we still can’t defeat adultery. It’s the number one reason for all couples and marriages breaking down. Hence, experts say that if you lock your hubby with a cock cage, you’ll sleep nice and sound no matter what he says when he’s going out with his buds to the bar. He won’t have a chance to cheat.

There will always be romance

Remember the good old days when the two of you were dating, being nervous before every date, trying your best to impress each other, and so on. Well, all those feelings and ideas can come back with cock cages. Again, it might seem a bit weird but have a read on what experts have to say about romance and male chastity devices.

There’s this notion that chastity belts are killers of any kind of intimacy. In other words, that they restrict you from being close with your partner. But in the minds of sex therapists and experts, they can bring back romance to the table. By longing for sex like a horny teen, the man will be ready to do anything for his lady.

A cock cage is much more than a sex toy for men and women. It’s a way to turn your life around and bring back some meaning into sex and carnal pleasures. In the oversexualized world of today, we often think about intercourse as mere pounding and thrusting. But with a chastity belt, it will become something worthy of waiting once again.

Your partner will feel better about themselves

Experts say that women can count on their men to become articulate. Chastity devices allow them to have more self-control, thereby making them happy with the progress they made personally. Hence, you can argue it’s not all about couple-related stuff. There’s much more to individual happiness too.

It’s similar to those apps that remind you that you didn’t have a smoke or a drink for some time, only without those notifications. The point is to make you happy that you took control over yourself and your body. Well, at least that’s what experts suggest. And if you think about it, it makes a ton of sense.

The orgasm will become better

Cock cages don’t mean that you can’t have sex at some point. They only restrict a man from doing what he does all the time. It gives control to the person with the key, and in this case, it’s usually the wifey. But once they decide to unlock their hubbies from their metal cages, sex becomes as wild as ever.

The thing is, longing for something for so long only makes it so good once you get it. It’s the oldest trick in the book. And if you decide to use a cock cage with your partner, you can count on much better orgasms in the future. But don’t take it from us. It’s the opinion of numerous sex therapists and experts, after all.