Tips for Choosing a Sex Doll – Height and Weight

Are you looking forward to getting into the world of sex dolls? That’s awesome as sex dolls are amazing sensual companions yet sans the baggage of a real human woman. The adult toy market is flooded with a wide range of sex dolls and you will find them in various heights and weights just like those famous huge gay dildos. But not all would be equally compatible for you. However, nothing to worry as the post below offers a brief on how to choose a sex doll for your pleasure.

Super-mini dolls

These are the smallest ones that range from 2ft 1.6”- 2 ft 7.5” in height and weight around 5 kgs. As these are ultra-mini in size, these dolls are extremely lightweight and also a breeze to hide. Like small handy vibrators for travel, these are handy and good for travelling too. However, you can only enjoy vaginal sex with these dolls as their other body parts are not properly contoured. The ultra-mini dolls are great when you want a sex toy for masturbation. Besides, these are very economical which makes them great as entry-level sex dolls. Buy this instead of a butt plug for call girls, it will save you a heck of money.

Mini dolls

Mini dolls are small sex dolls only but slightly bigger in height and weight than the one mentioned above. In regards to height, they will come at around 3 ft 3” and weigh something like 12 kg. Moreover, the mini dolls carry more defined body features than ultra-mini options. You can say they look like any real woman- just smaller in height. Thus, you can relish oral and anal sex with them, added to vaginal sex. Thanks to their small size, the mini dolls are a breeze to hide. Because of its size, it’s like a vibrator sex toy capable in space especially for astronauts.

Medium dolls

Medium dolls are heavier compared to the previous one but come with a greater height and more defined body for better pleasure. In regards to height, these dolls mostly range from 4ft 1” – 4ft 7”. When it comes to weight, the medium dolls weigh something like 20 kg – 23 kg. So, yes, these are slightly on the heavier side. But these dolls allow users more flexibility regarding choice of body features which you won’t get with smaller dolls. For example, with a medium-sized doll, you can choose whether you want an insertable or inbuilt vagina. Just be careful about the weight while handling the sex doll.

Now, as medium dolls are heavy, these are difficult to hide. A lot of people lay down the doll under the bed while the toy is not used. You can do that too but make sure to lay her on a soft surface. If she is left on a hard surface for a prolonged period, her body shape may change. Besides, you should also be careful to place a clean white sheet under her body. It will reduce the risk of stains on the doll’s beautiful body.

Full-size big dolls

If you are looking for the most authentic experience, the big full-sized dolls are the thing for you. They weigh around 30kgs and range from 5 ft 2”- 5 ft 4” in height. The best part about them is they come with a full pronounced body for the optimum satisfaction of the user. Put simply, when you are craving for the actual feel of a real-life full-grown adult woman in a doll- these dolls are the best pick for you. Though this may not be a real spanking girlfriend with tailed plugs, still, it’s the real deal! And because these dolls are big, you can try trendy ben wa balls on them.

But full-size big dolls are extremely heavy. In fact, you may injure yourself while lifting them if you are not used to carrying weights. Thus, you should only opt for a big sex doll if you are absolutely sure about your physical strength.

Experts usually advise sticking to medium sized dolls as they are easier to handle than big sized dolls and also embody the authentic body features of a real woman.